AWAUK Code of Conduct

Being a member of a prestigious association comes with its responsibilities. As a member, you are required to comply with the AWAUK Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to strengthen confidence in the integrity and professional standards of association members. To become a member of the AWA, it is essential to abide by this Code of Conduct. All AWAUK members are expected to adopt common standards of dignity, integrity and fairness.

The purpose of the Code is to promote good conduct and best practice. It aims not only to uphold standards through discipline, but also to empower members to reflect critically and to continually strive to improve their services.

The Code of Conduct does not take precedence over any national laws but is intended to set a minimum standard of conduct which all members are expected to observe.

Members will:

  1. Serve the association with loyalty and have respect for confidentiality. Members must avoid conflicts of interest and activities for personal advantage to the detriment of the association or its members.
  2. Serve all members of the association with impartiality, providing no additional benefits to any member.
  3. Bring to the attention of the association’s governing board potential decisions or actions that they identify as being unethical or illegal.
  4. Ensure, to the best of their ability, that interactions between employees, suppliers and clients are fair and free of discrimination and harassment.
  5. Engage in professional development to further their competence as an association member.
  6. Seek to uphold the reputation of their profession and regularly upgrade their professional knowledge and skills that are relevant to their field.
  7. Act with integrity towards colleagues and fellow members.
  8. Behave in a respectful manner at all times. Discrimination based on age, race, colour, gender identity, sexual preference, religious belief or lack thereof, political persuasion, or national origin will not be tolerated.
  9. Believe in the free sharing of knowledge and experience to aid the development and growth of its fellow members.
  10. Act in a spirit of collaboration, not competition, with fellow members and colleagues.
  11. Not misuse information or materials supplied to them in the spirit of the cooperation described above. Breaches of confidentiality are deemed to be serious violations of professional standards.
  12. Actively work towards the improvement of AWA services in general and acknowledge the need to protect the reputation and integrity of the AWA.
  13. Ensure that their professional conduct is guided by the adherence to professional ethics and all applicable laws and regulations in order to uphold and advance the integrity, honour and dignity of the Asian wedding industry.
  14. Support the AWA’s work to advance professional standards

No member shall:

  1. Act in such a way as to bring the Association or the industry into disrepute. Members shall not maliciously or recklessly damage or attempt to damage the reputation or prospects of others.
  2. Act in a manner detrimental to the interests of others members or the AWA

A signed copy of the Professional Code of Practice is required as a condition of membership

Once a member has ceased to be a member of the AWA for any reason, it will not indicate any ongoing association or connection with the AWA or – for the purpose of obtaining or retaining any business or custom – represent or indicate any past association with the AWA.

All matters concerning the compliance or breach of this Code of Conduct will be dealt with in accordance to the AWA complaints procedure.

Our Code of Conduct sets the benchmark for the Asian wedding industry. This is for the benefit of our members and our customers is fundamental to AWAUK’s commitment to excellence

Through our Code of Conduct, AWAUK has set the benchmark for professionalism and customer service for all sectors of the Asian wedding industry

PREETI VIRDI, Preeti Catering
Chair Standards Committee and AWAUK Founder Member