A key role for AWAUK is to empower our members with the information and tools they need to support their business. The Covid-19 crisis has paralysed our industry and many of the new lockdown laws and regulations will continue to affect our businesses for many months, or even years to come. We are producing valuable Guidance Documents for specific sectors to help them cope with the new challenges ahead.

The Covid-19 Crisis has led to thousands of wedding cancellations and, as a result, there are currently millions of pounds of refund claims being made against Asian wedding businesses. The consumer protection laws relating to Covid-19 allow customers to seek a full refund of their deposits, regardless of the terms and conditions in the sales contract. However, as a business, you are legally entitled to deduct your reasonable costs from the deposit money – and this is where many suppliers have faced the threat of legal action and so many suppliers have paid back much more money to consumers than they were actually entitled to. AWAUK has prepared a Covid-10 Refund Guidance Document that will help you to manage refund claims in a manner that is fair to the consumer and also allows you to deduct all your reasonable costs within the law. This has been created with professional legal advice to comply with consumer protection legislation and in line with statements from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The Document contains all the advice you need to handle refund claims, including a list of what costs you can and cannot retain from the customer deposit amount. It also includes a guide to Best Practice and Template Letters to help you follow the correct process and minimise the risk of legal action in future. When negotiating refunds with clients, our members are able to quote the AWAUK Covid-19 Refund Guidance to demonstrate that they are following industry-standard procedures which have been legally reviewed and approved. This is one of the many essential and exclusive benefits that are only available to members of AWAUK.

We are all facing wedding refunds at a time when we can least afford it. The AWAUK Refund Guidance Document is essential for any supplier negotiating refund terms with clients. It’s fair to both parties and helps you to recover your reasonable costs

Arun Luthra, Ragasaan
Chair Covid-19 Refund Strategy Committee and AWAUK Founder Member